Young Business Person of the Year nominee – Bradley Brookes

Young Business Person of the Year nominee – Bradley Brookes
Posted on 15.03.24
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Young Business Person of the Year nominee – Bradley Brookes

Bradley Brookes was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia at school but that hasn’t stopped him rising through the ranks to become sales and projects director for Brookeswood Joinery in Leek.

The 24-year-old, who joined the company as a Business Administration Apprentice, is constantly innovating and is credited with transforming the way the business operates on all levels.

His hard work and determination have already seen him win one award. In 2021, he was named the British Woodwork Federations Rising Star, aged just 22.

Bradley’s success has not been without personal challenge. He was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a child and has had to learn to manage these throughout his life and career. He’s also faced the challenge of being the directors’ son and has developed skills of patience, resilience and tenacity to earn the respect of his colleagues, customers and suppliers alike.

Bradley’s aptitude for IT and software has helped the business to become more efficient. He has been responsible for researching and introducing a bespoke customer relationship management system. He has also overseen its integration with a system which has automated and simplified the production process right across the business.

Bradley has also transformed the purchasing process. He has introduced new systems to ensure accuracy and traceability which has resulted in substantial monthly savings for the company.

The sales process at Brookeswood has also been completely overhauled under Bradley’s leadership.

Bradley’s mum, Sue Brookes, a Director of the business, said: “I am extremely proud of Bradley and what he has achieved at Brookeswood. School wasn’t always easy for him. Having said that he always had an entrepreneurship streak.

“When he was little, he would pretend to run his own companies – he’d even have things like accounts departments set up, so we always knew he would have a flair for business.

“He is a creative thinker and problem solver and those skills, plus the way he has been able to build such great relationships with customers, suppliers and the team, have undoubtedly transformed the business.”

She added: “The IT systems, software and processes he has introduced have not only improved our efficiencies but they have also helped reduce financial risk, contributed to our growth and further strengthened our customer’s experience.

“No matter what challenges he has faced he has always been respectful, polite and incredibly helpful. Bradley has excellent interpersonal skills which he has used to build great relationships with our customers, suppliers and our team.”

Keen to give something back to his local community Bradley has been a cub and scout Leader in Leek from the age of 18.

He said: “I think it’s really important to lead by example, both in and outside of work. I’m a Scout Leader for the Explorer Scouts and they’re aged between 14 and 18.

“It’s a really impressionable age and for me it’s really important to teach life skills that they might not necessarily learn in school or college, like household budgeting and working as a team.”

Bradley has been nominated in the Young Business Person of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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