Young Business Person of the Year entrant – Charlotte Whitaker

Young Business Person of the Year entrant – Charlotte Whitaker
Posted on 29.03.23
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Young Business Person of the Year entrant – Charlotte Whitaker

Sports therapist Charlotte Whitaker graduated from Staffordshire University just last year and stayed in the area to launch her fledgling business on campus.

The 27-year-old graduated with a BSc in Sports Therapy in July 2022 and now runs Phoenix Sports Therapy Clinic from The Science Centre on the Stoke-on-Trent campus.

Charlotte treats members of the public as well as the University community and is keen to stress that she works with people from all walks of life and with different types of injuries as well as sportspeople.

She said: “Setting up the clinic was an opportunity provided by the University and my former course leader and senior lecturer, Rebecca Warnett.

“Since opening, the business has been gradually building, treating both members of the public and those within the sporting community.”

Charlotte is currently negotiating a deal to provide massage, assessments and rehabilitation to a cheerleading team.

She opens her clinic from Tuesday to Saturday, from 9am through until 8pm.

“It’s still in its infancy but is growing steadily. My ambition is to own my own premises one day and to be able to offer a mobile service.”

Charlotte has been promoting her business through the Staffordshire University Students Union and through social media accounts she’s set up.

She added: “I also have a business WhatsApp as an additional source of being contacted. The business currently relies on word-of-mouth recommendations but I will be looking into other forms of advertising and other ways of promoting the business. To continue the growth of the business, I will also be looking at providing more offers and an eventual mobile service.”

Charlotte has entered the Young Business Person of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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