Team of the Year entrant – HBMtelemarketing

Team of the Year entrant – HBMtelemarketing
Posted on 28.05.24
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Team of the Year entrant – HBMtelemarketing

Helen Bancroft-Morris has a mantra that a happy team makes for happy clients which is why she makes sure her team’s morale comes first.

She founded Stafford-based telemarketing company HBMtelemarketing in 2020 using her 30 years of sales experience in the leisure and business services industry.

In a short time she has put together a team of seven who share her values and passion for quality data and excellent customer service.

Helen has concentrated on developing her staff and equipping them with the skills and support they need so that whilst being a part of the team she can also concentrate on strategic issues and developing the business, using her management experience and leadership skills to empower the team to deliver.

Staff are offered hybrid remote working and flexibility with working hours to fit around school commitments and caring duties.

Helen believes in a flat team structure, not telling people what to do and if there is a high workload she will pitch in and get on the phone to clients.

An office move last year effectively tripled the workspace available. Helen was mindful that the researchers need a quiet space whereas the telemarketing team thrive off a busier environment where they spark off each other and can pick up on different and innovative ways to interact with people.

Liam Collins joined the team in 2022. He was 26 at the time and due to his autism had not previously worked. Helen had connections with the autism charity New Directions and she offered Liam a six-month placement as a researcher.

As Liam grew in confidence he developed his linguistic and communication skills and now has a new role as a telemarketing executive. Not only has he developed his research skills but he can also sell, equipping him with career skills for life. All because Helen saw the chance to offer an opportunity to someone who at 26 was lacking confidence and essential job skills.

Amelia Lecarpentier is a 17-year-old A Level student at Stafford College. She works around three hours a week and helps in school holidays, providing cover for team members who have school aged children. She is paid way above minimum wage and Helen sees potential in Amelia to join the team on a permanent basis when she completes her studies.

HBMTelemarketing has entered the Team of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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