Team of the Year entrant – D2NA

Team of the Year entrant – D2NA
Posted on 28.04.23
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Team of the Year entrant – D2NA

D2NA is a hi-tech firm with a human heart which has helped turnover rise considerably.

JonPaul Sargeant and Graham Doyle founded D2NA in late 2005 with a determination to create an IT company with a difference.

The business, now based at Phoenix Works, Longton has grown year on year with JonPaul giving much credit to D2NA’s teamwork and collaborative spirit for the company’s success.

Graham and JonPaul’s vision for a people-led IT firm is at the heart of D2NA’s culture. They now have a team of 26 staff.

JonPaul said: “We’d met several times while working on the IT scene in London and we shared a passion for both people and IT.

“I believe there’s much more to work than processes. At D2NA our DNA is our people and by developing a happy, motivated, creative team, we produce better solutions for our customers.”

D2NA gives each employee all the tools to develop their career and, in return, expects innovative thinking and high standards.

“Everyone is different and we value individuality,” said JonPaul. “But we also engender a very strong work ethic and require people to care strongly about the purpose of their work. It’s about treating people how you would expect to be treated. We demand a lot but our team gains from high levels of personal accountability and autonomy.”

Graham added: “It’s about viewing IT in a different way – we work with our customers to innovate. Our team is encouraged to think creatively to ensure all clients get a solution that’s tailored to their needs and more. We care – it’s at the centre of what we do.

“The IT sector is about providing customers with high quality solutions that, where possible, exceed their expectations. Our culture at D2NA means we always strive for the best possible solution.

“Advances in technology have allowed us to be much more creative in providing the right solutions for our customers. In the early 2000s, it was often about engineers fixing computer hardware. It’s now far more about planning solutions so companies can achieve much more.”

D2NA promotes an excellent work home life balance through hybrid working, lifelong learning, development opportunities and opportunities for meaningful team building.

Last year the D2NA team went to Dubrovnik and this year they are learning how to sail a yacht. There’s also a full social calendar funded by D2NA and the company offers paid for lifestyle products such as Netflix and Spotify Premium and each member of staff is given a contribution to a charity of their own choice.

D2NA has entered the Team of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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