Team of the Year entrant – C residential

Team of the Year entrant – C residential
Posted on 15.03.23
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Team of the Year entrant – C residential

An independent estate agent has been named number one in the UK despite having a team of just six staff.

C residential, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, was named Overall Estate Agent of the Year for the whole of the UK in 2022 and won the Overall Award for The Guild of Property Professionals out of more than 800 branches.

Founder and Managing Director Angi Cooney attributes this success to her team and their focus on people over chasing profit.

She said: “What makes C residential unique is the fact that the company has never chased money. Of course, a business needs to be profitable, but the experience of the clients is more important than how much money you can make from them.
“Anyone can sell property, but it takes compassion and a genuine desire to do the very best you can for clients to ensure you are the best of the best.
“Many agents will tell you they have professionalism blah blah blah but without compassion you are just like all the rest.
“As a team we are extremely active in the community and on social media which is a fabulous platform for reaching the local audiences.”
Angi, who set up the business in Rugeley but also serves Cannock and the surrounding areas, says C residential has only been able to win awards because of her fantastic team.

“Whatever your business is, if you set out with the aim of helping people then earning money will follow. The most important thing is the customers.

“We’re really good at our job because the most important thing is looking after our clients. That’s what sets up apart from everyone else.

“There aren’t many people who really put people at the heart of what they do and don’t just use them as another way to make money.”

The team’s community work has included charity fundraising, helping to create a community garden and organising Christmas celebrations for more than a decade.

Now Angi has nominated her staff as Team of the Year in the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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