Small Business of the Year entrant – Mirage and Mole

Small Business of the Year entrant – Mirage and Mole
Posted on 15.03.24
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Small Business of the Year entrant – Mirage and Mole

Marketing company Mirage and Mole was launched during the pandemic after the co-founders chose to leave secure, senior roles for what they call ‘a daring entrepreneurial journey’.

Co-directors Lee Moulson and Emma Marley were looking for a way of working that suited their personal circumstances and that also championed diversity and inclusion.

“Being members of the LGBTQ+ community and having experienced life’s unique challenges, we embraced our role as inclusive marketers,” said Lee.

“By encouraging businesses to reevaluate their messaging and imagery, we have successfully expanded our clients’ customer base, ensuring that the most successful brands cater to a diverse audience.”

Before launching the business Lee had relocated to Drointon in Staffordshire for a fresh start with his long-term partner and found himself seeking suitable employment opportunities.

Meanwhile, Emma needed a home-based role to balance her responsibilities as a single mother and as caregiver to her own mother who has vascular dementia, arthritis and other ailments.

“Taking a leap of faith, we shattered conventional norms to create a new paradigm tailored to our unique circumstances,” said Lee.

“Our shared vision was to revolutionise how businesses operate and improve the lives of people from all walks of life.

“As the world of sales and marketing evolved, we identified a gap in the market: inclusive marketing strategies.

“Harnessing our extensive network in the sports and hospitality industries we launched a boutique agency offering bespoke sales and marketing support that championed diversity and inclusion.”

Successful campaigns have included working with Claudine Collins from BBC’s The Apprentice to promote the services of RE Recruitment.

The business has developed to the point where it can sustain two full-time directors and a team of five freelancers. Lee and Emma hope to grow their team to include a full-time account manager and more freelancers.

They have entered Mirage and Mole into the Small Business of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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