Skills For The Future entrant – Langley Alloys

Skills For The Future entrant – Langley Alloys
Posted on 05.06.24
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Skills For The Future entrant – Langley Alloys

From having no apprentices in 2022 Langley Alloys now has eight with more in the process of being recruited.

The specialist distributor of high-performance alloys sees apprenticeships as a sustainable way to support business growth and has made it a cornerstone of its workforce development strategy.

The business was founded 80 years ago to produce novel alloys and now exports to more than 50 countries. It has an expanding team of 65 staff based at its headquarters in Wolstanton, a second site in Fenton and a newly acquired business in Congleton.

Director Rodney Rice said: “Langley Alloys’s effective use of apprenticeships has been instrumental in our growth. We have maximised the potential of apprenticeships to support our success.

“Looking ahead, we plan to use the apprenticeship model to upskill and develop current employees. This includes apprenticeships focusing on ultrasonic inspection, a specialist process we perform in-house for mission-critical applications in the chemical process industries and the oil and gas sectors. We are also exploring team leadership, customer service and degree apprenticeships.

“Apprenticeships have had an incredibly positive impact on our business. As a recruitment method, apprentices are more loyal, reducing staff turnover. By training apprentices in-house, we tailor their learning experiences to meet our specific needs, ensuring a highly skilled and job-ready workforce.

“They bring fresh ideas and perspectives that invigorate our business. The opportunity to use this mechanism for the development of existing colleagues means we will continue to expand our apprenticeship program.”

The company took on its first apprentice in 2022, a warehouse apprentice working on the operational side of the business and supported by Stoke-on-Trent College. Soon afterwards a business administration apprentice joined the company’s sales team.

From late 2022 onwards the apprenticeship program was extended with six more apprentices including roles in warehouse and business administration as well as positions in accounting, finance, and technical functions. The company is currently recruiting for additional apprenticeship positions.

Langley Alloys has entered the Skills For The Future category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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