Innovation Award entrant – Lewis Hackney and TRUUMAN

Innovation Award entrant – Lewis Hackney and TRUUMAN
Posted on 06.03.24
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Innovation Award entrant – Lewis Hackney and TRUUMAN

A former wealth manager and serial entrepreneur, Lewis Hackney has now turned his attention to men’s mental health and wellbeing.

Already the host of the TRUUMAN podcast which invites men to talk about mental health, masculinity and personal growth, the 32-year-old has created a business from what began as a passion project.

He has launched the TRUUMAN digital platform to address what he sees as ‘a pressing need’ among many men.

Alongside the podcast the platform includes an AI chatbot to offer personalised support and guidance to users, including tailored recommendations and insights based on individual needs and goals.

The aim is to reach men on a large scale and to make mental health resources and support accessible to all.

Lewis, who has a degree in financial mathematics, worked on the TRUUMAN concept while studying for the Peter Coates MSc in Entrepreneurship at Staffordshire University. He is now based in an office at the university.

He said: “I had the problem before I started the course but the MSc shaped it into what it is now. I had the podcast before but by completing the course I’ve positioned TRUUMAN into a business.”

In the autumn he secured a place on a venture-backed accelerator in Madrid to do further work on his business.

Lewis, from Congleton, is constantly innovating to find new ways for TRUUMAN to engage with men including interactive workshops, virtual events and social media campaigns to build a supportive community.

Lewis said: “TRUUMAN is a pioneering platform that leverages innovation to address the pressing needs of men’s mental health and well-being.

“Through our multifaceted approach, we have developed groundbreaking solutions that resonate with our audience and make a significant impact in the realm of personal development and self-discovery.”

Lewis has worked in wealth management across Europe, Asia and Australia, has worked as a foreign exchange broker and was an entrepreneur in residence in Spain.

He has entered TRUUMAN into the Innovation Award category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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