High Street Impact entrant – The Slamwich Club

High Street Impact entrant – The Slamwich Club
Posted on 31.05.24
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High Street Impact entrant – The Slamwich Club

Best friends Nicole Williamson and Stephanie Franklin found themselves travelling to other cities to experience what they wanted from bars and restaurants – so they decided to set up their own a little closer to home.

They founded The Slamwich Club in their home city of Stoke-on-Trent in 2018 and have become known for their contribution to the city centre’s arts scene as well as their menus.

Music and events are held in both The Slamwich Club and The Backyard including DJs, live music and art classes.

The Slamwich Club is a welcoming social hub for students, a hang out for friends and a meeting place for workmates – a place of community engagement for people from all walks of life.

Nicole said: “Since opening, we believe we have made a positive impact on our high street. We’re not just another sandwich shop or restaurant. Not only have we contributed to the revitalisation of the street, both aesthetically and socially, we have added to its appeal and improved footfall by attracting locals and visitors alike.

“We create jobs directly within the restaurant and indirectly by stimulating other businesses in the area, such as suppliers and nearby shops – adding to our city’s economic growth.

“We are also one of the only restaurants and businesses that has survived for more than six years on our street – we like to think that this also attracts and inspires other startups in the area too; if we can do it, so can they!”

The Slamwich Club now employs 20 members of staff and has been listed in the top ten sandwich shops in the UK.

The Slamwich Club has entered the High Street Impact category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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