High Street Impact entrant – Mishka Truffles

High Street Impact entrant – Mishka Truffles
Posted on 01.06.24
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High Street Impact entrant – Mishka Truffles

A chocolate maker has bucked retail trends by moving her online business on to a Staffordshire high street.

Michaela Jones undertook a major business shift in early 2024, moving her online artisan chocolate business into a café and shop on Stone’s High Street. Mishka Truffles has proved a hit with customers flocking into the store.

Michaela and Mishka Truffles are demonstrating that a great business idea and hard work are a recipe for success, even in an increasingly online shopping age.

Michaela makes all her fresh chocolate truffles, cheesecakes, hot chocolate and waffles using the finest Belgian chocolate.

Michaela said: “It has been fantastic, even better than I could have dreamed of.  Mishka is my passion. I love making my chocolate creations and local residents have embraced that love and given it back to me. I couldn’t be more thankful.”

“We have been busier than I could have ever imagined. There’s a regular flow of customers from the minute we open until late afternoon and we have people who call in several times a week.

“Our speciality truffles, chocolate cheesecakes and waffles are flying out of the door. People love coming in for coffee or hot chocolate.

“We have now expanded to offer savoury Zapekanka open baguettes, made from my own recipes.

“Afternoon cream teas are also now available and these need to be booked in advance.

“I make everything in the shop and the sweet range uses only the finest Belgium chocolate. Our truffles are based on my mum’s original recipes, adapted and perfected in my kitchen here at Stone, together with the cheesecakes, waffles, and most recently our Zapekanka toasted baguettes and afternoon cream teas.”

All of Michaela’s chocolate treats are also still available to buy online.

Prior to opening the store Michaela, who was diagnosed as an adult with bipolar disorder and ADHD, told how chocolate making has become her therapy.

She added “I am now in my happy place and if my story helps just one person to see they can overcome mental health issues and succeed, I will have achieved a lot.

“Alongside that, I can now testify that the love people have shown me here, and the appetite they have for a new business on their High Street to succeed, is a powerful force for good.”
Michaela has future plans to open chocolate themed cafes in several locations in the Midlands and North West England.

Michaela has entered Mishka Truffles into the High Street Impact category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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