High Street Impact Award entrant – I Do Bridal

High Street Impact Award entrant – I Do Bridal
Posted on 15.05.24
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High Street Impact Award entrant – I Do Bridal

Julia Langton-Virr has made it her mission to help people who may otherwise feel excluded by the bridal industry.

She originally set up I Do Bridal to offer second-hand wedding dresses for people who can’t afford the prices at more elitist wedding retailers but discovered that her eco-friendly option also appeals to people who could afford to pay more but don’t want to.

Her inclusive ethos has also made her a popular choice for LGBTQ+ weddings. She actively welcomes breastfeeding mums, families with small children are catered for with a toy corner and even guide dogs are welcome.

Originally based in Burslem, I Do Bridal is now located in Piccadilly in Stoke-on-Trent city centre where the inclusive and welcoming fitting room experience includes a coffee machine and sofas.

Julia, who runs the business singlehandedly, moved into the bridal industry after a 26 year career in HR and training.

She said: “It’s important that customers feel that they can be themselves. We focus on delivering inclusive and welcoming dress buying experiences for all sectors of our community to ensure that buying the perfect dress can be joyous and stress free.

“We are actively LGBTQ+ welcoming because I believe love is love and everyone deserves to feel celebrated on their special day. We also make sure families with small children feel at home.

“The wedding dress industry can often feel very elite so our welcoming atmosphere means young children are happy to be entertained in our toy corner while dresses are being tried on. In addition we make sure breastfeeding mums are made to feel very welcome as well encouraging guide dogs too.

“We share our message clearly on social media, on our website as well as crafting special window displays so that no one in our community feels left out of a wedding dress experiences they dream of.”

I Do Bridal supports the city centre and fellow businesses wherever possible including taking part in city centre events and creating eye-catching window displays.

Julia added: “I’m a people person. That’s what appealed to me about working in HR at the start of my career and it’s what I’m doing now. I’m looking after brides and their families.”

I Do Bridal has entered the High Street Impact category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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