Growth Award 2023


Category criteria

  • This category is designed to recognise growth within businesses of any size and sector.

  • This could include relatively new businesses that have gone from a standing start right through to long-standing organisations that have been thriving over many years.

  • The judges will be looking for growth in areas such as revenue, recruitment or indeed trading territories. Importantly this growth strategy should be sustainable and the business should have the momentum and resources for this to continue. 

  • The judges will also be interested to see the innovation that has helped to drive growth.


Phat Lads

Growth Award entrant

A pandemic side hustle to give away a pair of football boots on Facebook has turned into a fully-fledged online business on course to turn over more than £1 million this year.
Phat Lads Competitions has thousands of online followers and founder Reece Thornton-Bate has even launched a charitable foundation on the back of his business’s success.
The 30-year-old, from Cheadle, set up Phat Lads during the height of Covid in 2020.
Three years on the company’s got its own office in Hanley, has amassed 40,000 Facebook followers (including closed group members) and 23,000 TikTok followers. It now has a team of five including Reece’s dad, Paul Bate, who is also now a shareholder of the business.
More than 1,000 people have won prizes totalling around £1 million including cars, cash, tech and toys.
In its first year of trading the company turned over £200,000, last year it was around £652,000 and Phat Lads has already exceeded last year’s turnover in the first six months of this year.
Reece’s aim is to turn over more than £2.5 million next year, which he is well on course to achieving.
Reece studied IT at Leek College and has an IT, sales and recruitment background having worked for a number of private sector companies.
He said: “Initially I set it up as a bit of fun and ran a competition to win some football boots on a Facebook page. Timing is everything I guess and because we were in lockdown people had a lot of time on their hands. The page got more popular, so I started doing more and more giveaways.
“The number of followers really grew - literally snowballing – to the point where it got big enough for me to quit my day job, closely followed by my dad who also left his full-time role to run Phat Lads with me.
“I think I knew from that very first competition, which started as a bit of fun, that it had the potential to be something really big and although some may have seen leaving a good job to go it alone as a risk. The risk has really paid off.
“Seeing the Phat Lads community grow has been fantastic. I’ve always been ambitious and wanted to use the experience I’d gained in my career to build something that I could put my name to.
“Me and Dad have got a great relationship and have lots of fun doing Facebook lives and TikTok which seems to have captured people’s imagination because we do such daft things. Hopefully we make people laugh as well as giving them the chance to win some great prizes, although we obviously always urge people to be gamble aware.
Earlier this year the Phat Lads Charitable Foundation was established after Reece and the team helped a number of people with fundraising activities and donations over the last few years. That included helping raise money for the family of a three-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent who has cancer.
Reese added: “I’ve got big expansions plans for the future and as a team we want to do all we can to rival the biggest competition websites in the country. Next year we want to be turning over £2.5 million which with the plans we have in place is achievable.”
Phat Lads has entered the Growth, Business in the Community and Team of the Year categories of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

Comp Door

Growth Award entrant

A Staffordshire door manufacturer reported revenue of £4.8 million in its first year and is on track for revenue of up to £10 million for year two. The projected turnover for 2024 to 2025 is £15 million.
Comp Door, based in Chesterton, Newcastle-under-Lyme, had just two staff when it was launched in November 2021 and now has a team of 49.
Comp Door’s Technical Director, Pierre Mifsud, said: “The growth we’ve seen during Comp Door’s short life is a testament to our team’s dedication to constant improvement and I’m so proud of how we have been able to achieve our ambitions through consistent hard work and innovation.
“Comp Door’s implementation of the Portal system in particular has been an absolute game changer with regards to our ordering and manufacturing efficiency, and it has already proven itself to be a reliable support mechanism for future business developments, such as new ranges or any major expansion to our operations.”
The Portal system allows customers to design, order and track custom orders in their own time and from the comfort of their own home or office – eliminating the need for trips to the showroom to meet with a designer and time-consuming queries chasing the status of their order.
Not only does this increase order capacity and the rate they can be processed, it enables Comp Door to streamline processes because it simplifies tracking, shares how many ongoing orders are being made at all times, saves paperwork and maximises profitability.
The Portal now takes around 95% of orders, meaning the potential for human error is almost completely eliminated.
In May 2023 the company launched its new Discovery range of doors.
Pierre Mifsud said: “We knew there was increasing demand for European-style doors that suited new, modern houses. We also knew that these demands weren’t being met without quality and durability being compromised in the process.
“At Comp Door, we don’t cut corners – instead, we are always thinking of new ways to innovate and improve our service offering, and in doing so, lead the industry into its new phase of evolution.”
Comp Door has entered the Growth and Innovation categories of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

Adept Vehicle Management

Growth Award entrant

A Staffordshire fleet management company has more than doubled its profit over the last 12 months.
Adept Vehicle Management, which celebrates its 21 birthday this year, saw income increase to £2.98 million from £1.9 million for the previous year.
The Newcastle-under-Lyme company is a specialist, independent fleet and short-term hire provider across a variety of vehicle types for public and private sector companies and organisations across the UK.
The company is jointly owned by experienced industry specialists Mark Pedley and Carl Cumbo who had just four staff in 2018 but now employ a growing team of 22 with plans for more recruitment over the next 12 months.
Mark Pedley said: “We are delighted to have achieved the excellent growth we have over the last two years especially when you consider the impact that Covid had on our industry.
“We were able to invest to increase the number of vehicles we have under our management, which currently stands at 350 vehicles for the short-term rental market as well as 1,500 managed vehicles.”
Carl Cumbo added: “I think three main things have contributed to our growth. The first is around customer service – our customer retention rate stands at 95%, with over 75% of the existing customers increasing their custom by at least 35%.
“Secondly, we also win new customers based on our reputation and many of our new customers come from existing customers who have recommended us.”
Successes this year include being reappointed onto the Crown Commercial Services framework for the supply of Fleet Management Services - one of only 10 providers across the UK. Being on the framework gives Adept access to fleets within Central Government and wider public sector organisations with a combined 120,000 car and commercial fleet across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
This year has also seen Adept’s rental division appointed by the UK’s largest rental provider, Nexus Vehicle Rental, as a key supplier, supplying £2.8 million of vehicles with a contract value of around £600,000 a year.
As a result Adept is already supplying vehicles to household names including Amazon, Royal Mail, E-on, Parcelforce and Cadent.
Over the last 12 months, as part of the company’s green agenda, it has invested £1.5 million in electric vehicles to reduce their fleet’s carbon footprint including launching a new service called Green Adept. It aims to help customers switch to greener, more environmentally friendly electric or hybrid cars or vans.
Adept Vehicle Management has entered the Growth Award category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

Waldron & Co

Growth Award entrant

It was redundancy that led to Nathan Waldron setting up his own financial planning business.
The former banker, from Stone, said he never thought he would be his own boss but that it was the logical next step in 2021.
He now offers financial advice to families, professional couples and elderly people around the UK.
“I had no idea about starting my own business and never thought it would have happened - but it did,” said Nathan.
“The whole idea at the time of going alone was scary - that’s without question - but I knew I could do it and I wanted to do it for me and my own family.”
Nathan’s ethos is about helping others as much as he can, which includes simplifying the financial industry to enable as many people as possible to plan for a more sustainable future.
This drive has led to Nathan not only now employing other team members but collaborating with another financial business on a joint venture which is set to launch later this year and will see bases in London as well as in Staffordshire.
The new venture will also provide more employment opportunities and a network which will reach the length and breadth of the country.
“I am so excited for the new venture,” said Nathan. “This means we will be reaching out to more and more people and helping others all the time. We will also be providing life and training skills as part of the next phase which is going to be incredible.
"One of the main reasons I wanted to start my own business was to not only help to simplify the finance sector and educate others on how accessible services can be, but to also provide employment opportunities. I am really looking forward to this and to introducing new members of staff to Waldron & Co.”
Nathan’s expertise has been commended several times, most recently as a top rated adviser on VouchedFor, a UK review site for financial advisers and other industry professionals.
Nathan has run financial advice drop-in sessions and has educational talks planned for schools over the coming months.
“I think it is vital for future growth to connect with as many different organisations as possible and education is one of those,” he said.
“To be able to show that financial planning is not something which should be shied away from is very important and to simplify the ways in which this can be done is something I will always endeavour to do.”
Waldron and Co has entered the Skills For The Future and Growth categories of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

The Quarter Cafe Ltd

Growth Award entrant

When The Quarter Café opened in Hanley in December 2016 it had five staff and a turnover of £285,628 in its first year of trading. Fast forward to 2023 and it has become a restaurant and wedding venue, employs 45 people and is on track to reach a £1.5 million turnover this year.
The business, owned by Josef and Annmarie Bailey, recognised the need to diversify during the pandemic to keep its employees in jobs, to keep its brand alive and to be in the best possible position for post-pandemic recovery.
“We could have closed the doors and waited for it to pass, but no one knew what the timescale was going to be,” said Annmarie.
“We wanted to keep our brand alive. Grants and support were available. Part of us considered just sitting and doing nothing during that time and letting it pass, like a lot of hospitality businesses did.
“But for us it was more important that we kept our brand alive and kept our staff in jobs. We created a new business model that meant we could keep our staff.”
The Quarter diversified to sell food boxes including afternoon tea and cocktail boxes, retraining staff to prepare and pack the boxes or to deliver them.
It used well known food delivery platforms but also created its own online ordering platform so that it wouldn’t have to pay large commissions to other businesses.
“It saved us a lot of money in commission and it also meant that some of our existing staff could become our delivery drivers,” said Annmarie.
The business, now based at The Potbank at the Spode site in Stoke, has diversified even further to become not only a restaurant but a wedding and events for both corporate and private clients. It continues to offer a takeaway service and now stages live ticketed music events.
Annmarie and Josef’s next development plan is to grow their children’s party offering including visits from The Spacebus, a double decker bus kitted our for parties, and also celebrations themed around workshops with local artists and potters.
The Quarter Café Ltd has entered the Growth Award category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

Reliance Medical Ltd

Growth Award entrant

The UK’s leading trade-only manufacturer of first aid and medical supplies, Talke-based Reliance Medical is on track for a turnover of more than £30 million this year and has a new innovation that will remove the need for more than 3.4 million plastic bottles every year.
The company, which is on target for a £50 million turnover by 2025, also recently won an order to supply 20,000 lifesaving defibrillators for public buildings around the UK.
In late 2022 Reliance Medical launched Aura3, a range of 100% recycled and recyclable first aid kit boxes that will remove the need for the equivalent of around 3.43 million plastic bottles every year.
Aura3 is a first for the industry and follows other Reliance Medical eco innovations including design changes to ensure 40% more can be shipped in containers to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.
Set up more than 17 years ago, Reliance Medical Ltd employs 68 people in Staffordshire and a further 105 people its manufacturing subsidiary Reliance Medical Shanghai.
Thomas Pear MBA, Managing Director of Reliance Medical Ltd, said: “Reliance prides itself on leading the industry in terms of innovation and thought leadership, supporting and affecting regulatory and legislation changes. Our aim is to continue to grow UK sales and open new export and retail markets around the world.
“Our record-breaking order for over 20,000 AEDs means many more people will be able to easily access these devices - we are proud that each and every one will be there when most needed to save a life.
“2022 was one of our best years in terms of core product sales and at the same time, one of our most challenging, even considering the pandemic in the previous two years. It is down to the goliath effort of our people that we have been able to achieve such impressive results.”
The company has overcome considerable post-Covid supply challenges including a two-month lockdown in Shanghai coupled with industrial action in Felixstowe. As a result almost half a million items including first aid kits were produced in the UK.
In 2022 Reliance Medical opened offices in Ireland and New Zealand. It now has distributors in more than 40 countries and its reach grows year on year. 2022 also saw the company grow its sales on Amazon to supply the whole of Europe with first aid products.
It has a global reach but Reliance Medical is committed to giving back to the local community, including Chairman Andy Pear chairing the charity Ruby’s Fund which supports the families of children with special educational needs and disabilities.
It also regularly donates first aid supplies where needed around the world including recently helping the people of Ukraine and those caught in the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
Reliance Medical has entered the Business of the Year, Growth and Innovation categories of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

Robust UK

Growth Award entrant

One of the UK’s leading steel door manufacturers has set itself the ambitious target of doubling in size and achieving a £30 million turnover by 2030.
Longton-based Robust UK has already doubled its turnover since moving to its current site in 2015.
2023 is a year of major investment and growth for the firm which manufactures 25,000 door sets a year.
It’s currently building a manufacturing site in North Staffordshire as part of a multi-million-pound investment.
In November Robust UK is relocating from its current base in Sutherland Road to a £6 million pound production site at Lymedale Business Park, which will nearly double its size.
The firm has more than 40 years of experience in making bespoke steel door solutions.
Robust UK currently employs 150 staff but that number is growing as it is looking to recruit an additional 20 staff ahead of the move.
Robust produces around 400 doors per week from the current site and the investment in the new site will allow much higher volumes to be produced.
Managing Director David Lycett said: “It’s a really exciting time for Robust UK as this is just the start of a major financial investment in our future and our growth plans. We have been looking to move to bigger, better facilities for some time, but we wanted to find the perfect location not just to meet our manufacturing needs but the right location for our staff too.
“It’s not the first time we’ve moved. We actually started our journey from a factory in Tean when we were founded in 1997. We then moved to bigger premises in Cheadle as our business grew before moving again to our current home in Longton.
“Back in 2018 we invested £2 million into our existing site which allowed us to relocate the semi-automated production line from our facilities in Sweden to the UK, significantly increasing our production capacity.
“Five years on though we have grown exponentially and have literally outgrown our current site. The new facilities are going to be state of the art and will have enough space so we can continue our exciting growth plans for the future.
“The new world-class facility will be fully furnished with new equipment to ensure there is no loss of production between sites while moving.”
David added: “The company is in a really strong position and is consistently growing. As we plan for our big move this November and we continue to recruit there’s a real buzz about the company.
“We are extremely ambitious and have set ourselves some tough targets but with the team we have here and the plans we already have in place I am extremely confident that we will achieve them.”
Robust became part of the Novoferm Group, Europe’s largest entrance system supplier, in 2019.
Novoferm is part of the Sanwa Group, a world leading manufacturer of entrance systems founded more than 50 years ago. The group has around 9,000 employees and annual sales in more than 60 countries totalling more than €2.5 billion.
Robust UK has entered the Business of the Year and Growth categories of Staffordshire University Business Awards.


Growth Award entrant

A Staffordshire communications company is celebrating after increasing its turnover to £1million.
Unified communications specialists Zusi, based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, has ambitious plans for the future including more than doubling its turnover next year and increasing it to five million within the next three.
Zusi is a platinum partner of Vodafone, EE, 02 and Three and looks after clients across the UK.
To help sustain its continued growth plans the company has already recruited an additional four staff during the last year including a new Business Development Manager for the North West. By the end of June a further three people will also have been recruited into the sales team.
The company specialises in transforming communications for SMEs and large corporates.
Founder and Managing Director Richard Gannon said: “My background was in the telecoms industry and using the experience I had I launched Zusi in 2014 to essentially break the mould in the sector.
“I’d seen first-hand how customers got frustrated by their own customers’ experience within the industry – whether that was through poor service or a lack of support. I wanted Zusi to be different.
“Everything we stand for is about putting our customers at the centre of what we do. We work across a variety of sectors including hospitality, construction, healthcare and finance – every client in these sectors needs different levels of support but one thing they all have in common is that when they become clients of ours – they all get the same excellent level of service.
“That I believe is what sets us apart from our competitors and why we’re going from strength to strength.
“We always tailor the solutions we offer to meet our client’s needs and we will continue to do that as we push forward this year.
“I’m delighted that we’ve broken the million pounds mark in our turnover, but I very much want to build on that this year, grow our customer base and create more jobs.
“I’m excited to see what the remainder of the year holds for Zusi and the fantastic team we have here – without them we wouldn’t be achieving the success we have.”
In the last 12 months Zusi has had a number of significant client wins including securing a major contract with Italian company Calpido.
The company has also won a contract with a national hotel chain in a deal worth at least £650,000. Zusi is supplying and fitting the hotel chain’s phone system at 50 sites across the UK.
Richard added: “Excellent customer service, and ensuring every customer has a really positive experience when they work with us, has and always will be at the cornerstone of what we do.
“That is what makes us different and sets us aside from our competitors and that it will help drive our growth going forward.
“Our emphasis is on making sure that the companies we work with have a great customer journey and we have invested heavily to ensure that not only do we continue to gain new customers and contracts but that we retain our existing ones.
“That I believe is what makes Zusi so successful, and something that we are very proud of. I truly believe it is this ethos which will take us forward to the next level.”
Zusi has entered the Growth Award category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.


Growth Award entrant

A plumbing and heating services company that began as a sole trader business is on track for million-pound revenue this year.
Stafford-based PlumbGas, established as a limited company in 2017, has secured clients including The National Trust, The Lewis Partnership, Stafford Grammar School and AP Webb.
The company aims to be Staffordshire’s number one plumbing and heating company within the next 12 months but also works across the wider region including in Derby, Wolverhampton and Telford.
Founder Jon Bryan said: “‘It is an exciting time for PlumbGas, thanks to our new payment options for care plans and boiler and heating installations, giving more families and individuals across Staffordshire the ability to be able to stay safe and warm while limiting the worry about how they manage with unexpected large bills.
“Expanding our core accreditations has opened the door to working with some fantastic organisations which has been an enabler to our future expansion plans and will continue to lead to further employment opportunities within the business.”
The company has grown rapidly over the past few years including a 123% increase in profits in the past year alone.
The team has grown by more than 71% since 2021 and now has a fleet of eight vans.
Jon says innovation and exceptional customer service are the cornerstones of his business’s success.
“PlumbGas has leveraged innovative software to automatically update customers with reminders for boiler servicing, ensuring their safety against harmful carbon monoxide gasses.
“Additionally, through text and email messages, customers are kept informed about their assigned engineer's identity and estimated arrival time.
“PlumbGas offers online booking for engineer visits, empowering customers with control and eliminating the wait time traditionally associated with plumbing and heating services.”
PlumbGas has entered the Growth Award category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

SG Fleet

Growth Award entrant

SG Fleet UK has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years.
The fleet services and employee car benefits company, which has a head office at Tunstall Arrow in Stoke-on-Trent, was named Fleet News Leasing Company of the Year for 2022.
The company, which has sister businesses in Australia and New Zealand, has grown across numerous metrics including fleet size and an increase in orders for its salary sacrifice product.
The salary sacrifice scheme now allows employees impacted by reduced salary periods, such as maternity leave, greater flexibility when leasing a car through their employer. SG Fleet is now the sole car salary sacrifice provider to the UK’s leading employee benefits consultant.
New products have been brought in to help customers through challenging economic times including a flexible duration fleet called Flexi Rent, secondary use of low mileage vehicles and measures to tackle tyre shortage issues.
Investment in technology and a commitment to innovation has included an increased investment in advanced systems, positioning SG Fleet as an innovator in car leasing and helping the company to stay ahead of the curve to meet evolving client needs.
Financial growth has been consistent over the past few years showing sound financial management and strategic decision making. The size of the team has also grown.
It recently secured its largest-ever client, a well-known estate agency brand with a fleet size of 3,000 vehicles, underlining its ability to attract and secure substantial contracts and establish strong partnerships.
SG Fleet has entered the Growth Award category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.


Growth Award entrant

The growth of Stoke-on-Trent based GivEnergy has been nothing short of exponential. Turnover has gone from under £1million in 2020 to in excess of a projected £100million in 2023.
Now the business that has only been trading for five years is ramping up its manufacturing capabilities at pace. It is building a new factory in Stoke-on-Trent that’s due to be completed in November, with plans for a second factory pending permission. The company has also bought a new factory in China to keep up with growing demand.
GivEnergy is innovating to end fuel poverty and empower energy freedom for all. Its battery storage systems allow customers to store green energy from renewables and/or from the grid via off-peak tariffs. They can then use that stored energy to cheaply and cleanly power their home or business, cutting both energy costs and carbon emissions in the process.
The company is also giving back by spending around £500,000 per year for the next three years on its not-for-profit business, GivEducation.
“We have the resource to act as a force for good, and we’re passionate about doing so,” said CEO Jason Howlett.
“It’s an exciting scenario: the more we grow, the more we give back to the community, the more we help build a sustainable future, and the more we help mitigate energy security and energy poverty concerns.”
GivEnergy wants to turn North Staffordshire into a centre of excellence for the renewables industry. As part of this, it’s giving back to the communities it serves through continued physical investment. For example, the company has recently brought life back to an abandoned three-story office in Newcastle-under-Lyme – purchasing the property and transforming it into a sustainable HQ that’s completely powered by renewable energy.
“As well as creating new jobs and opportunities for career progression, we also help get people into the work in the first instance, through apprenticeships and graduate schemes,” said Jason. “It’s about giving everyone a chance, no matter what their background.”
Now GivEnergy has entered four categories in the Staffordshire University Business Awards – Business of the Year, Innovation, Growth and Business in the Community.

Xtrutech Ltd

Growth Award entrant

Stoke-on-Trent based Xtrutech was launched in 2002 as a spare parts supplier for other manufacturers and now has its own range, a second headquarters in the US and global sales across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia.
The company has entered both the Innovation Award and Growth Award categories of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.
Innovation is at the heart of everything Xtrutech does and it is currently extending its laboratory facility to accommodate more R&D based projects and trials, including a conference centre where customers can watch the trial and their global colleagues can join remotely.
The team based in Xtrutech’s Stoke-on-Trent headquarters creates bespoke machines for applications that require extrusion as part of their production process. This is adaptable for many different industries including powder coating, biopolymers, medical plastics and more.
In 2021 the company released the first XTS Compactor, a recycling system for use in the powder coating market. A common problem they had observed with their customers was the creation of large quantities of product that is too small to use and is traditionally wasted and sent to a landfill. Xtrutech saw an opportunity to reduce waste, improve resource efficiency and improve environmental impact. The XTS compactor captures the waste, compacts it into a sheet and breaks it into chips. This creates a more substantial product that can be recycled back into production. Based on production averages, using the XTS Compactor can potentially save up to £193,200 annually.
“Our innovations have always been inspired by observing the problems that our customers face and striving to offer a resolution,” said Managing Director Ryan Moore.
In 2020 the company’s export turnover was at 71%, followed by 80% in 2021 and then 93% in 2022.

MW Medics

Growth Award entrant

An independent ambulance, event medical and training service has grown from a turnover of £2,000 in 2017 to sales exceeding £120,000 last year.
MW Medics Ltd was set up by Stuart and Kieron Morgan-Williams shortly after their wedding in 2017.
The couple began with just one medical response bag between them and offered medical cover for small events in villages near Albrighton. They now have three ambulances and more than 30 staff.
Stuart explained: “I started my career as a lifeguard and became a Community First Responder for West Midlands Ambulance Service before furthering my knowledge by attending many other courses. In 2021 I joined Staffordshire University, studying Mental Health Nursing.
“Kieron became a domiciliary carer when he left school before meeting me and upskilled to be a pre-hospital responder. “
Stuart and Kieron invested in their fledgling business and were able to purchase more equipment to provide an extended first aid service and widened their patch into Telford.
In 2019 they became qualified teachers and were able to provide first aid training and other courses to members of the public.
During the pandemic their events work became scarce so Stuart and Kieron trained to become vaccinators and worked at vaccine centres in Stafford, Telford and Manchester.
Stuart said: “Once restrictions were lifted events took off and the business was receiving bookings quicker than ever.
“At the start of 2022 we had already booked up most weekends and had won a contract with Telford and Wrekin Council as their event medical provider for the year. “
Stuart and Kieron also won contracts in Nottingham, Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Stafford, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.
They then bought a Land Rover Discovery and converted it into a 4x4 ambulance to provide off-road medical cover to high-risk events.
By mid-2022 they moved the business into office premises and by the end of the year they’d achieved sales of more than £120,000, had received awards including the Armed Forces Covenant and Disability Confident and bought two more vehicles.
The start of 2023 has seen them take on a unit to store their equipment and vehicles.
Stuart added: “We continue to recruit and now employ more than 30 staff, of which three are student paramedics from Staffordshire University.
“We have a training team who promote first aid courses and travel across the country providing quality courses, an events team who book, plan and run events across the West Midlands and we are a couple of steps away from applying for CQC registration to provide ambulance transport and remote emergency care.
“This will allow us to bid for contracts to transport patients to and from hospital, home and care homes and provide doctor-level care at events pre-hospital.”
Now MW Medics Ltd has entered the Growth Category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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