Entrepreneur of the Year entrant – Martin ‘Mr Bigz’ Mwale

Entrepreneur of the Year entrant – Martin ‘Mr Bigz’ Mwale
Posted on 22.03.23
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Entrepreneur of the Year entrant – Martin ‘Mr Bigz’ Mwale

A DJ turned cake baker turned restaurant owner has been nominated in the Entrepreneur of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

Martin ‘Mr Bigz’ Mwale, owner of Mr Bigz Flavours restaurant and cocktail bar in Alsager, was nominated by fellow entrepreneur Laura Bailey.

Laura said: “I have known of Martin for the last 20 years. I am always inspired by his zest for life and the entrepreneurial skills he turns his hand to.

“From the small streets of Etruria, everything about Mr Bigz is his namesake. Big presence, big smile, big heart and big ambition.

“DJ, TV star and chef extraordinaire, he makes his many and multiple ventures appear he’s living the entrepreneur’s dream.

“Making friends across the city, his early days as a teen saw him DJing across busy venues, building a raft of supporters he fondly refers to as his ‘people’ in his wake.

“When he’s not behind the decks or planning events for the genuine enjoyment of his ‘people’ from across Stoke-on-Trent, you’ll find him behind the stove perfecting his extensive and delicious menu for the Afro-Caribbean restaurant he launched on the border of Staffordshire and Cheshire last year.

“This is already proving a huge success despite the difficult economic happenstance we find ourselves in. His restaurant ripples with good vibes and great food, mixing and blending new flavours to the town of Alsager and merging cultures within the community.

“When he is out of the kitchen his sleeves are still rolled up, being an active social justice ambassador for our children; appearing at community events as a compelling compère and DJ or donning his chef’s hat and apron, showing kids how to create and cook up their own delicious and nutritious meals.”

Martin completed a foundation degree in business management at Staffordshire University, a course which he says ‘changed his life’.

Martin’s other ventures include a cake business, he has worked in the care services sector and he mentors young people.

He has also committed to sponsoring a children’s football team in Alsager.

Laura added: “Martin’s appetite for success and high spirits is infectious, just like his laugh.

“Martin wholeheartedly deserves to receive acknowledgment for his entrepreneurial success, commitment to community spirit and cohesion and the motivational mentorship he provides for his peers and the city’s future. “

Martin said: “It hasn’t been an easy ride. I’ve had to start from the very beginning, save up my own money and invest it in the business.

“I see what I do as community cohesion. For people to get the sort of food I serve they’d usually have to go to a bigger area or go on holiday. I’ve brought that to Alsager and it’s working out really well.”

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