Entrepreneur of the Year entrant – Clare Kewney

Entrepreneur of the Year entrant – Clare Kewney
Posted on 07.03.24
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Entrepreneur of the Year entrant – Clare Kewney

Clare Kewney started a business after being made redundant during the pandemic – that business now has a projected £1.6 million annual turnover.

The Hearing Centres has hearing care practices across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire with plans to open two more practices in 2024.

An experienced audiologist, Clare has two co-directors and a team of 16 staff.

She said: “I was made redundant very unexpectedly and started Bollington Hearing Centre in the middle of the Covid pandemic.

“For some, this may not have been the best time to start a new venture however I pushed to ensure success and to offer hearing services to the local community at a time when people were unable to access hearing care.

“Networking with GPs, pharmacies and allied healthcare services all helped to springboard the business to grow. This facilitated further growth using the profits from each hearing centre to open other hearing centres.

“Each hearing centre has been selected where there is a great community spirit and support, no other independent hearing care services, good independent support business and where I can maximise my business development skills.”

Clare is keen to ensure each staff member has their own training program and has set out for each an individual training and development plan. Her first member of staff, who was originally employed as a receptionist, went on to train as a Hearing Care Assistant and then Wax Removal Specialist and is now the Group Practice Manager.

Clare has four staff members doing apprenticeships and sets up regular training meetings and updates so that each individual is constantly increasing their knowledge and skill within the business.

She has entered the Entrepreneur of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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