Entrepreneur of the Year and Skills for the Future entrant – Ultra Clean Canines and Emma Cartlich

Entrepreneur of the Year and Skills for the Future entrant – Ultra Clean Canines and Emma Cartlich
Posted on 01.06.24
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Entrepreneur of the Year and Skills for the Future entrant – Ultra Clean Canines and Emma Cartlich

An animal-loving Staffordshire entrepreneur has set up a training academy combining her teaching qualifications and expertise with an ultrasonic toothbrush for pets.

Emma Cartlich, from Weston Coyney, created Ultra Clean Canines after her husband Adrian qualified as a dog groomer.

Emma and Adrian both completed emmi®-pet face-to-face training, bought an emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush and started to deliver the emmi®-pet teeth cleaning, oral care and maintenance service in the Staffordshire and Cheshire area.

They then decided to create and deliver emmi®-pet seminars to teach and support pet care professionals, especially dog groomers, how to successfully implement the emmi®-pet into their business. Emma’s dream of running her own training academy was born.

She said: “Education is key to ensure that not just dog owners but pet care professionals understand the importance of why a pet requires a regular oral routine and the importance of the emmi®-pet preventative service.

“My mission is to ensure pet care professionals have the correct knowledge and understating to cascade to their customers.

“Approximately 80% of dogs and cats already show signs of dental disease around the age of two. Regularly cleaning of a pet’s teeth is the most important factor in preventing dental disease.”

Emma created a Zoom seminar for pet care professionals and offers the same course as an online pre-recorded version which is hosted on her own learning management system.

All courses are officially endorsed by the manufacturer of the equipment and include certification.

The word spread and Emma was approached by a dog grooming college to deliver training to their trainees and course tutors.

Emma added: “It’s a real passion of mine to ensure pet care professionals excel with the emmi®-pet toothbrush, receive ongoing support, achieve great results, are educated correctly in the importance of oral care and prevention in dogs to prevent dental disease and deterioration, and how to improve canine oral health and general wellbeing.”

Emma has been approached to support the ongoing educational implementation of the emmi®-pet into the US market.

She is also in the final stages of launching an online pre-recorded training course to teach dog owners how to use the emmi®-pet at home, maintain their dog’s oral health, identify dental issues and when their dogs need to visit the vet as the emmi®-pet is not designed to replace dog dentals or descaling but used as a preventive and maintenance service.

Emma has entered the Entrepreneur of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards and has entered Ultra Clean Canines into the Skills for the Future category.

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