Business of the Year, Growth and Innovation entrant – Comp Door

Business of the Year, Growth and Innovation entrant – Comp Door
Posted on 31.05.24
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Business of the Year, Growth and Innovation entrant – Comp Door

Comp Door had a start-up team of 12 when it launched in August 2021. Today it has 70 staff and has become the market-leading manufacturer of composite doors.

From a standing start, monthly revenue is growing exponentially for the Newcastle-under-Lyme-based business.

Manufacturing has already expanded into a second location nearly, with nearly all staff being recruited from within Staffordshire.

The company is committed to Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire and to giving back to the local community. This includes sponsoring Stone Dominoes under-12s football team and becoming a business champion and supporting partner to The Hubb Foundation,.

Comp Door says its success is built on innovation, including smart technology locking systems for doors which allow people to check, lock or unlock doors from any location.

Sustainability is another key thread. Staff are encouraged to car share or cycle to work, there are on-site recycling points for consumables and factory waste and as much production waste as possible is recycled.

Electric cars are encouraged with multiple charging points available for staff.  Auto shut-off LED lighting is installed throughout the majority of the site and timber is ethically and sustainably sourced from Indonesia via FLEGT endorsed companies ensuring ethical and lawful working conditions and where tree replanting schemes are in place.

To reduce energy consumption Comp Door has purchased numerous new pieces of equipment, technologies and machinery replacing more power-hungry older versions where possible.

Comp Door has entered the Business of the Year, Growth and Innovation categories of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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