Business of the Year entrant – TMT First

Business of the Year entrant – TMT First
Posted on 10.05.23
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Business of the Year entrant – TMT First

Staffordshire-based technology company TMT First is on track to grow its turnover to £58.5 million over the next few years by investing in people and processes.

Founded by Adam Whitehouse, who began with one shop in Longton, the company now has 144 employees and a 43,000 square foot headquarters in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

TMT First’s core business is the repair, refurbishment and recycling of technology, working in partnership with clients to build a more sustainable future for mobile technology.

“Keeping technology alive for longer is at the centre of everything we do,” said Adam.

“Through our commitment to quality, sustainability and customer service excellence, we strive to be the UK’s most trusted and respected company providing technology lifecycle services.”

Over the course of a year TMT First processes more than 200,000 products including phones, wearables, tablets and laptops for businesses as well as direct to  the general public through its consumer brand Meelie Mobile.

The company is planning for continuous and rapid grow – its projected turnover for 2023 is £19.5 million rising to £26.5 million in 2024, with identified clients and initiatives that will deliver this growth.

Longer term, the five-year plan is to target 3.5 times growth from 2022 levels to deliver a revenue of £53.5 million. To deliver these ambitious growth targets the company is investing in both people and processes.

Environmental sustainability is integral to everything TMT does as the mobile phone industry is responsible for around one percent of global CO2 emissions. Extending the life of devices, rather than replacing them, creates a huge environmental benefit.

TMT First has entered the Business of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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