Business of the Year entrant – Woolcool

Business of the Year entrant – Woolcool
Posted on 27.04.23
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Business of the Year entrant – Woolcool

In the last year alone Woolcool has saved 2,103 tonnes of polystyrene from going into landfill, the equivalent weight of 21 blue whales or 525 Asian elephants.

The Stone-based natural packaging company has used more than 30 million kilos of pure sheep’s wool since it was founded by Angela Morris, a Staffordshire University alumni who is still CEO of the company.

“I am immensely proud of our 65-strong Woolcool team who together have created a unique two-time Queens Award winner and packaging industry leading B-Corp business,” said Angela, who has worked in the packaging industry for more than 40 years.

“Woolcool are pioneers of the sustainable packaging revolution. Over two decades ago we created a unique sustainable insulated packaging solution.

“Woolcool products are designed and manufactured in the UK. Our processes are flexible and cater for every size of demand, supplying our solutions into pharmaceutical and food companies across the UK and overseas.

“We are striving to give wool renewed credibility, along with other natural materials, in a world that has increasingly come to assume that science and manmade materials are the single answer to all its problems.

“At Woolcool we believe that natural materials, working together with cutting edge scientific technology, can create superior, innovative, and sustainable solutions that are good for people and the planet.”

Using natural materials to help change the world for the better, Woolcool is the founder, pioneer and innovator of the sustainable packaging revolution.

Today Woolcool is a pioneering, second generation, female-led, family business that harnesses the properties of natural materials to create environmentally responsible insulated packaging products with the potential to reduce plastic waste, thereby helping to address climate challenges.

Designed and manufactured in the UK using 100% pure sheep’s wool, Woolcool has grown to become the insulated packaging of choice for many leading UK and European food and pharmaceutical companies in the growing world of online ordering and delivery.

The company is entirely self-financed with no third-party investors, debentures, loans, bank overdraft or other financial arrangements. Woolcool openly supports Terra Carta, The Better Business Act and B Corp initiatives.

Last March Woolcool launched Hortiwool, a unique new multi-use product that allows gardeners to harness the properties of pure sheep’s wool. Hortiwool has been so successful in the UK garden industry that it won the sustainability category in the 2022 GIMA Awards.

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