Business in the Community entrant – Emmaus North Staffs

Business in the Community entrant – Emmaus North Staffs
Posted on 30.05.24
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Business in the Community entrant – Emmaus North Staffs

Emmaus North Staffs launched a Beds for Kids campaign two years ago to support families who couldn’t afford basic essentials for their homes.

New bed bundles have since been provided to children throughout Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas. The bundles include a new bed, bedding and a mattress – which ultimately help to change the lives of children.

“No child should be without a bed, but unfortunately we are seeing more children living on the grips of poverty crisis,” said John Webbe, Executive Lead at Emmaus North Staffs.

“It’s heartbreaking to know there are thousands of children across Stoke-on-Trent who do not have a bed to call their own. The impact this can have on a young person can be quite severe and affects their schooling and all-round physical and mental wellbeing.

“We aim to eradicate this and to put an end to bed poverty by bringing about positive change.”

Emmaus North Staffs teamed up with children’s bed charity Zarach in December 2023 to provide a local support hub at its Furniture and Home Charity Emporium in Etruria.

The hub enables more support to be provided, with more than 100 beds delivered through the partnership in five months.

Emmaus North Staffs also supports around 850 local households by supplying furniture items and appliances to those who cannot afford their own.

In 2023 the organisation, which also has a large store in the Potteries Centre, was recognised for its commitment to the environment with a Sustainability Award at the Potteries Centre’s Annual Awards.

John said: “As well as providing support to local families we are very committed to helping the environment and educating other businesses on how they can help too.

“Each year we help to save hundreds of tonnes of waste going to landfill by recycling household items and we are very keen to support others to do the same.”

The charity has 11 members of staff along with 15 regular volunteers. Workshops take place at the emporium and are run by volunteers to help others to develop new skills for employment opportunities.

John added: “We very much have a large community in which we provide support on several levels – all to help others to achieve more and build confidence in the workplace.”

Emmaus North Staffs has entered the Business in the Community category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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