Apprentice of the Year nominee – Toni-Leah Sayce

Apprentice of the Year nominee – Toni-Leah Sayce
Posted on 30.05.24
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Apprentice of the Year nominee – Toni-Leah Sayce

Toni-Leah Sayce may only be in the first year of her degree apprenticeship with Staffordshire University but her employers at Walsall Council say she is the dictionary definition of positivity, perseverance and loyalty.

She is studying for a Level 6 Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship alongside her job as a team leader in admin and business support at the council.

Anne-Marie Millard, Business Support Manager – Admin & Business Support at Walsall Council, said: “Toni is already putting what she is learning into her day-to-day work which is a win-win for everyone. If you were to look up positive culture, perseverance, accountability or loyalty to team – you would find Toni in the definition.

“Toni brings both strong assets and a personality to their role and I am fortunate to have her within my management team.

“She is dedicated and hardworking and is extremely focused on continuously learning and developing best practices to manage routine activities both efficiently and effectively. Toni brings a positive high energy and a personal touch.

“Toni genuinely cares about delivering excellent quality work and she strives to integrate both an understanding of the big picture strategy and goals as well as disseminating her knowledge to her wider team which in turn empowers them to own their decisions and workloads.

“She does not shy away from a challenge, which sets her apart from some peers. She consistently demonstrates a can-do attitude and will find a way to solve a problem.

“She is also a trusted member of the management team she supports and is included in staff discussions. She understands how to navigate sensitive situations and ensure confidentiality while also eager to learn the business so that her support is meaningful for the service.

“Part of Toni’s role is focusing on team culture and creating a positive work environment. she has a vision to foster team spirit with forms of recognition and camaraderie in creative ways. She recognizes that a simple thank you, recognition or a shared laugh can make a person’s day.

“I highly recommend Toni. She is motivated and positively engaged, serving as a true example of collaborative working.”

Toni-Leah has been nominated as an Apprentice of the Year in the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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