Apprentice of the Year nominee – Rebecca Langston

Apprentice of the Year nominee – Rebecca Langston
Posted on 22.05.24
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Apprentice of the Year nominee – Rebecca Langston

Rebecca Langston works at a seal sanctuary on the Cornish coast but she’s studying for her apprenticeship with Staffordshire University.

She is due to complete her level 5 operations/departmental manager apprenticeship this year and will start a level 6 chartered manager apprenticeship in September.

Rebecca, who works at The Cornish Seal Sanctuary, has been praised for her unwavering commitment to her studies despite facing personal problems along the way.

She has been nominated as Apprentice of the Year in the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

Her line manager Sarah Pegg, Head of Operations with seal sanctuary owner Merlin Entertainment, said: “I am thrilled to support Becky’s nomination for this award in recognition of her dedication to her apprenticeship.

“Throughout her apprenticeship, Becky has consistently displayed unwavering dedication to her studies. Despite encountering personal challenges, she has demonstrated remarkable resilience, overcoming obstacles with determination.

“Becky’s commitment to her personal and professional growth is evident not only in her academic pursuits but also in the support she extends to her colleagues.

“Thanks to the apprenticeship program, I’ve witnessed a significant boost in Becky’s confidence, empowering her to effectively engage with key stakeholders.

“This newfound confidence has been instrumental in her role as she championed our application for education certification in order to position us as a leader and preferred destination for school visits.”

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