Apprentice of the Year nominee – Olivia Kewney

Apprentice of the Year nominee – Olivia Kewney
Posted on 28.02.24
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Apprentice of the Year nominee – Olivia Kewney

Olivia Kewney is following in the footsteps of her parents and both of her grandfathers to become an audiologist.

She is studying on an audiology degree apprenticeship course at De Montfort University alongside working at Leek Hearing Centre and at the five other practices across Staffordshire, Cheshire and Derbyshire that are part of her family’s business.

Olivia began her course in 2023 and before her first year was completed was invited through her university to travel to India to work in a hospital assessing and fitting hearing aids for underprivileged people of all ages.

“This has been a life changing, eye opening but wonderful experience for Olivia. It was certainly not easy and required a strong mind and heart,” said her mum Clare Kewney, an audiologist and the founder of The Hearing Centres.

“The feedback we had from the University and from the hospital about Olivia’s conduct and work made us all so proud of her and it’s something we know she would love to do again.”

Alongside working in the family business, once a month she travels to the Isle of Man to work at another independent hearing practice to gain extra experience and to see how another practice operates.

Clare said: “Through her training Olivia has been a dedicated and extremely mature and hardworking student. Eager to learn, push herself and establish herself as a valued member of the team.

“Olivia’s attitude and personality is quite special as whilst she is focused on doing whatever it takes to complete her course, preferably with a distinction in her eyes, she does not allow this single mindedness to take away from what needs to be done when in clinic, delivering an excellent service to our patients.

“Her kindness, communication skills, empathy and general work ethic, especially for such a young person, is regularly commented on and admired. Already our patients are asking to see her which is a true sign that she is doing a great job.”

Clare has nominated Olivia in the Apprentice of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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