Apprentice of the Year nominee – Dylan Hawthorne

Apprentice of the Year nominee – Dylan Hawthorne
Posted on 25.03.24
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Apprentice of the Year nominee – Dylan Hawthorne

Dylan Hawthorne may be at a relatively early stage in his apprenticeship but he is already managing the day to day running of a project for a client in the nuclear industry.

Dylan joined Stone-based technology firm Capula in September 2022 and is currently completing a Level 6 Embedded Electronic Systems Design and Development Engineer Apprenticeship at Staffordshire University.

He has already completed a Level 3 Engineering BTEC.

Dylan is the technical lead overseeing the build of cabinets for one of Capula’s biggest nuclear customers.

With the guidance of a lead hardware engineer, site manager and programme manager, Dylan manages the day-to-day running of the project and liaises with the production team to ensure they have all the necessary stock and resources.

David Lohel, Lead Hardware Engineer and Dylan’s Line Manager, said: “Dylan has many strengths but in particular his initiative, work ethic and curiosity means he can apply himself to any task and perform well.

“Dylan shows a willingness to help and his character has a positive impact for the wellbeing of the people around him. The client feedback is evidence of this.”

Scott Phillips, Programme Manager, said: “I cannot speak more highly of how Dylan conducts himself and what an asset he is to Capula. He takes responsibility for most of the design on a significant scope of work for Capula, communicating effectively, participating and often leading meetings both internally and with the client.

“Dylan’s can-do attitude ensure he delivers to deadlines with an ability to think outside the box and investigate new ways of doing things to delivery efficiencies. He is also one of the nicest people you could wish to meet and always has a smile. I’m extremely proud to have him working with me.”

Dylan has been nominated in the Apprentice of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards.

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