Alumni Business Person of the Year and Small Business of the Year entrant – Sonya Farrall and BabaBaboon

Alumni Business Person of the Year and Small Business of the Year entrant – Sonya Farrall and BabaBaboon
Posted on 31.05.24
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Alumni Business Person of the Year and Small Business of the Year entrant – Sonya Farrall and BabaBaboon

Sonya Farrall started her PR company, BabaBaboon, following a lengthy and varied career in the media including as a news reporter for regional newspaper The Sentinel, sports editor for The Post & Times Series and reporting for national sports newspaper The Racing Post.

She later worked in the world of horseracing full time.

The Staffordshire University journalism alumni set up BabaBaboon in 2018. Sonya has grown the PR business and represents a range of clients from the local area as well as throughout the UK.

Services offered by BabaBaboon include impactful storytelling via press releases and media relations to media support on location and hosting Q&A features for clients at their own events.

In 2023 BabaBaboon partnered with local community radio station Cross Rhythms City Radio to launch a dedicated show hosted by Sonya.

Since launching last November, Business Spotlight has featured 25 different businesses – including CICs and charities – all from the Staffordshire area and ranging from start-ups to large organisations.

“I have always loved to share other people’s stories and that’s one of the amazing things I have been able to do throughout my media career, and also via my own business,” said Sonya.

“To help others to share their news to a wider world is something I’ve always been passionate about and sometimes a helping hand is needed to ensure those stories are told in ways which deliver a positive impact.

“There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone’s face, or hearing their voice, when they see their story come to life – and that’s quite special.”

Sonya has been an advocate of the Future Journalism Awards – an annual event run by students at Staffordshire University – since starting BabaBaboon and has supported the event as a judge, guest speaker and sponsor over the years.

“I am a big believer in providing others with opportunities,” she said. “I know what it was like when I was starting out in my career and anything I can do to support others – especially in media – then I will. It’s about sharing knowledge and experience, which hopefully someone will take away and help them in their own careers.”

Another arm to BabaBaboon is their dedicated positive news platform which publishes news from communities, charities and businesses and also acts as an extra promotional service.

Sonya has welcomed students from both Keele University and Staffordshire University on work experience placements. Local writers also have their event reviews and guest blogs featured on a regular basis.

“Our news platform is very much a key part of BabaBaboon and always has been,” added Sonya.

“We have been able to provide opportunities for others who are keen to gain experience and the platform has expanded in itself to offer more content as we have grown.”

In 2022, after taking part in a Pathfinder project at Staffordshire University, Sonya was presented with an Innovation Award for Best Employer to recognise the way she embraced the project and welcomed a student into her business.

Sonya Farrall has entered the Alumni Business Person of the Year category of the Staffordshire University Business Awards and she has entered BabaBaboon into the Small Business of the Year category.

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